Monday, August 18, 2008

Five and a half months

Nikki requested pictures of me, so I'm assuming she wanted to see pictures of my belly. People keep telling me I barely look like I'm pregnant, which drives me crazy because I feel like my belly is huge. Although in the pictures it really doesn't look that big. Weird. I'm 22 weeks along, or 5 and a half months. (I probably shouldn't have been wearing a white shirt, but you get the idea. I'll take new ones next month.)

Here's one I tried taking myself:

Then I got Jason to take one:

Friday, August 15, 2008

Extreme furniture makeover

So during the time between when we found the new house and when we moved in, I took on a ridiculous number of furniture projects, mostly from trying to save money on new furniture by buying cheap stuff off the online classified site Craig's List. I was truly addicted there for a while, checking the furniture listings multiple times a day, because the key to Craig's List success is snapping up the good stuff before anybody else sees it.

I bought a dresser for our bedroom, a table and chairs set, a very neglected china cabinet and two more antique freestanding kitchen cabinets. All of them needed various levels of work, and my plan was to finish all that before we started in on all the painting and stuff at the new house. Well, no surprise, that didn't end up happening. But I have been slowly finishing some of the projects, so I thought I'd share a few with everyone.

First up is the table and chairs set. I don't have before pictures, but it was in pretty good condition when I bought it. The only thing I did was recovering the seats with new fabric. The old fabric was a dingy grayish-looking white and smelled like bad BO. The actual process of removing the old fabric and foam and putting on the new stuff wasn't all that hard, but getting the seat cushions out of the chairs and back in was a bit more difficult. They didn't screw in, like all the websites said they would, instead they were somehow stapled in. Luckily Jason's mom's boyfriend helped me out with that part. I really like how they turned out! I bought the table and set of six chairs for $120, and the new fabric was $30.

Next up is a bedroom armoire I turned into a pantry for the kitchen. Like I mentioned, we have a LOT less cabinet space in the new house than the old one, so I ended up needing something bigger than the antique cabinet I'd bought (which is now going in the dining room). I didn't actually find on Craig's List, but at a Wal-Mart-type general store here called The Anderson's.

It was originally this brown color, but I painted it the same color white as the rest of the cabinets hoping it looks like it belongs in there a little better. I actually kind of like the darker-colored handles on it, and now I'm thinking of trading out my kitchen cabinet knobs to match ... more projects!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Baby news!

Well, we had an ultrasound this morning, and ... it's a girl! You can see the side of her head (she might be sucking her thumb?) in the top picture.

Some of you know that we actually had another ultrasound on Friday where they couldn't tell the gender for sure. So we were lucky in a way to find out for sure less than a week later, though we had a couple days of worrying in between the first scan and today's more detailed ultrasound.

Basically, the doctor thought they might have seen something called choroid plexus cysts, which can be a marker for a very serious chromosomal disorder, Trisomy 18. She scheduled us for a level 2 ultrasound at the hospital to rule out any problems, and today they couldn't find any sign of the cysts and confirmed that everything else is perfectly normal. Apparently they could have misread the ultrasound results last time around, or it's possible the cysts could have been there and already gone away on their own (which does happen, but it's not all that likely since it was just a matter of days.)

Anyway, they assured us there's absolutely nothing to worry about ... except for that we might have a stubborn child in our future. She was very uncooperative during both ultrasounds, moving around and not letting them see what they needed to see. The first time, the tech called the baby "squirrelly," and today's woman said she "had a mind of her own." To which I say, is that a bad thing?

A few more pictures:
The baby waving hello.

Hopefully Jason won't mind me posting the "proof" that it's a girl. The little arrow is pointing to her, you know, private parts.