Sunday, May 3, 2009

Scarlett at play

Scarlett's awake a lot more these days and so we're constantly having to come up with ways to keep her occupied.

We bought her this flowery play mat because she seemed to be getting bored more often. At first, she didn't really know what to think of it.

But now she really like lying on it and playing with her toys.

Mesmerized by the swimming fishes. Her tropical-vacation-loving Grandma Renee bought her this toy.

Jason bought her this little Atlanta Hawks jersey, which she's been wearing during the NBA playoffs. I have to admit, it's pretty cute.

Watching TV. Is that bad? She loves it!

And here are just a few random shots.

Back in the hospital ... but just for a test!

We had to take Scarlett back to the hospital last week so she could finally have her impedence testing done. This will determine how bad her acid reflux is and tell us whether she will be able to come off the feeding tube. We should have the results back next week. While we were there, she had to wear these blue arm restraints so she wouldn't pull her tubes out.

They made for some funny photos, but she didn't seem to mind them all that much. She did quickly figure out how to wriggle out of them, though. Also, they worked so well at keeping her from pulling at her tubes that we brought them home to use when she's sleeping at night. Let's just hope she gets to take the tube out soon!