Monday, January 26, 2009

First stab at modeling

In between hospital stays, Scarlett and I had some photo shoots in her bouncy seat. That seems to be the best place for her to stay calm and happy enough for taking pictures at this point ... she's a pretty big fan of being held most of the time.

These were taken right after her first hospital stay:

And these are after her second stay. She had lots of different expressions to show off this time. I think she's growing up right before my eyes!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scarlett in the hospital

I'm sure everybody knows by now that Children's Hospital has been our second home for the past few weeks, unfortunately. We are still just trying to get Scarlett breathing comfortably again so we can go back home! In the meantime, here are some pictures for those of you lucky enough not to be here.

My poor baby in the emergency room on our first visit. This was right after they rushed us to Children's Hospital by ambulance, and they immediately hooked her up to all sorts of things. She was under a heat lamp, which made her nice and warm, luckily.

Later, when we moved to her regular room, we got to hold her.

Meeting Great Grandma Semro for the first time! It was not the meeting we'd planned for.

For some reason, I didn't take any photos during our second hospital stay. But after we were released, we drove home in this!

I'm not going to post any photos of Scarlett's early days in the ICU, because they make me sad. But here's one of after she came off the respirator.

This is when I first got to see her off the respirator. I could finally get close!

Mommy and baby reunion.

Scarlett has enjoyed hanging out with her new friend, Mr. BunnyBear.

But here's where we would rather her be -- snuggled up at home. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that it will be soon!