Friday, July 30, 2010

Scarlett: The Lost Months

How can it have been five months since I've posted pictures of Scarlett on here? I apologize to my devoted blog followers, most of whom aren't on Facebook, where I have been a little better with keeping up with photos.

And since it seems way too daunting to try to recount everything that's happened in the last five months (quick highlights: she started walking! She started going to daycare! Her first daycare was a monumental failure! But she adores her second daycare! She had a very pretty Easter dress! We went to the beach!), I'm just going to put captions on a bunch of photos. Some highlights of March-August:

Scarlett's first time sitting at a bar! At the Red Onion Cafe in Monroe for Brian's birthday. (OK, so I guess this would've been January. Whoops. But I still wanted to share it.)

Showing off her new spring clothes.

Digging into the stuffed animal bin.

A pre-Easter photo shoot with a bunny. (March 2010)

I seem to have taken a lot of pictures of Scarlett in her pajamas recently. Here she is sitting at her highchair in her PJs.

Around April, Scarlett finally figured out the whole walking thing. We were all very excited, but her most of all. This next bunch is all pictures of her getting her balance during the first few weeks of walking.

For a while, she would just walk back and forth between the couch and this purple chair. Here, you can see her doing it in her purple pajamas.

No more walking for now!

These are my favorite early walking pictures, though. The look on her face really captures her intense concentration while taking steps and not falling.

All done! Time to crawl back inside.

Next up will be a big batch of pictures from Holly, who watched Scarlett during the day from when she was 3 months old till she was almost 18 months old.